Advanced Location-based Software

Innovative GPS fleet tracking software from a trusted leader in the telematics industry
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Better solutions

Our solutions and services offer a wide range of features and flexible customization options, adapting to any business size and demands.

ForesightGPS is committed to continuous innovation and R&D, delivering a State-of-The-Art set of products, taking advantages of new technologies, focusing on the best possible User Experience, to develop an application that allows companies to maximize their Return-of-investment.



Our platform helps fleet managers to better use their vehicles, keep drivers safe, and improve security, throughout the whole supply chain.


We combine cellular and satellite communications with GPS for delivering vehicle location, dispatching and security applications.


Extend G-Evolution’s capabilities with SDK-based applications and enjoy endless opportunities with your own tools and features.

Our customers

ForesightGPS is the right software ally to achieve your business goals
Our distribution program helps you get world-class telematics products into your customers’ hands to help them become more efficient and profitable.
Contact us, and start delivering cutting-edge software to your clients.



ForesightGPS offers value-added resellers the opportunity to market our products and services anywhere in the region.


ForesightGPS has grown into one of the industry’s leaders with a wide network of channel partners.

Entreprise & Government

ForesightGPS delivers a customizable platform to fit the needs of businesses and institutions of any king and any size.


Our GPS tracking solutions are being applied in many kinds of industries:

-Commercial Fleets
-Field Services
-Heavy Equipment

About us

Delivering GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Software since 1998.
Foresight GPS® provides a complete solution, including hardware, software, and services for many different industries.
We started in 1998 with the goal of becoming the leader provider of mobile asset management.
Foresight GPS® delivers a proven, secure, scalable, and user-friendly software solution.
Innovation and customer satisfaction has always been our priority.